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Am I entitled to a defense?

Yes, you are constitutionally entitled to a defense regardless of guilt or innocence. While you may represent yourself, it is generally not a good idea to do so. Seek advice and help from an experienced criminal defense lawyer.

Do I need a lawyer for an arraignment?

A lawyer is not necessary for an arraignment hearing; however, there are certain actions that the judge will take where having a lawyer may be valuable for you. During this hearing, certain pre-trial motions can be filed and the judge usually sets bail. Having a lawyer can help you try to decrease the amount of bail.

I’ve just been involved in an accident, what should and shouldn’t I do?

  • Be civil with all parties involved.
  • Record and remember as much as you can about the incident, the injuries you sustained and other losses you’ve suffered as a result.
  • To aid in proving your case, write down the names of any witnesses that were at the scene or that arrived shortly thereafter.
  • Preserve and collect physical evidence through photographs when possible.
  • Seek medical treatment for recovery, but also to document injury.
  • Contact an experienced lawyer as well as your insurance carrier as soon as possible to protect evidence, ensure witnesses are contacted and help you better recollect memories.

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